ance shoes and Dancewear come with a very unique fit. Their job is not limited to looking great – their second purpose is always to serve as a tool.

A high-heeled Tango shoe at first glance often doesn’t appear greatly different from high-heels, as one can find them in any in normal shoe shop. What makes them different however gets immediately apparent when trying them on: How can it be possible to stand that rock sturdy and balanced on high heels! Many of the customers who try out a dance shoe for the first time are amazed.

Where the selection of a dance skirt is relatively uncomplicated, things get way more sophisticated when it comes to fitting pointe shoes: One not only has the select the appropriate base model, it also needs have the perfect width and the appropriate sole thickness for the respective training level. If all this is in place one still needs suitable point shoe inlay from Silicone or Gel materials.

Shoes for dancing, but also clothes such as dance-skirts or dance-pants have been designed with great attention for their functionality on the dance floor, so that even hours of continuous dancing are fun and cause no bruises or blisters.


To make sure that everything fits in the end, we wholeheartedly invite you to come to our Berlin Kreuzberg store – this is even more important if you are still quite new to dancing and don’t know much about the range of products available. In our store you may try every single model and get guidance by professional dancers.

But – fair enough – not all of you can live nearby – that’s why there’s the Hacke & Spitze webshop too. Our product descriptions are based on many years of experience and customer feedback. Many special features regarding materials and fit are included - so you may find the right shoe and the perfect Leotard from afar. Maybe you are using the Webshop as a sort of digital catalog before you come to visit us? In this case, our Shop Pick-up option may turn out handy - you reserve your favorite item via Webshop, and pick-up and pay in the shop – obviously only if all fits and looks great.

Whether you are in right the Neighborhood or far away – we wish you a lot of fun while browsing or portfolio. And please don‘t hesitate to get in touch: Everybody in the house speaks English.

Neu bei Hacke & Spitze
Neu bei Hacke & Spitze Gantlé Tango Mode


Das italienische Label Gantlé ist bei uns eingezogen und bringt Kleider für die Damen und Tangohosen aus exquisitem Stoff für den Herrn mit.




Ballett-Schläppchen SD16 von Só Danca - wahlweise in rosa, weiß, schwarz oder haut. Im Juni 10% günstiger! Hier im Shop.


Angebote für Schnäppchenjäger


Ob z.B. Damen-Schuhe, oder Kinder-Kleidung; in jeder Kategorie finden Sie reduzierte Artikel in der Rubrik SALE.



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